RADIOMETER / Hanging Clear

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RADIOMETER / Hanging Clear

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In 1873, while investigating infrared radiation and the element thallium, the eminent Victorian experimenter Sir William Crookes developed a special kind of radiometer, an instrument for measuring radiant energy of light. 

The radiometers are most responsive t the sun, but any warm "radiant" light will put it's fins into motions. Spinning intensifies when exposed to strong direct sunlight, it can reach up to 2000 rotations per minute.

Handmade in Germany by Vogel.

Available in 3 diameters:
Small: 60mm / 2.36 inches
Medium: 80mm / 3.14 inches
Large: 100mm / 4 inches diameters

  • Made of Crystal Lauscha glass
  • Handmade in Germany 
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